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The Hoshiyan Chronicles 

 Fast-paced epic fantasy suspenseful/thriller books that
keeps the reader glued to each page


Seeking the Light of Justice

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Seeking the Light of Justice

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Embark on an Epic Journey with Dr. Barry Nadel's Hoshiyan Chronicles! 

Dive into a mesmerizing universe where each page is a portal to a world of unimaginable wonders and heart-pounding mysteries. Dr. Barry Nadel invites you to experience a breathtaking rollercoaster of emotions in his unparalleled multi-theme, multi-genre series that transcends the boundaries of conventional storytelling.

 Brace yourself for a mind-bending fusion of thriller, suspense, mystery, espionage, fantasy, science fiction, and spirituality – all seamlessly woven into the fabric of The Hoshiyan Chronicles. This isn't just a series; it's an exploration of the human psyche and the very essence of our existence.

 Unravel the enigma with Indiana Jones-like adventures that will leave you on the edge of your seat, craving for more. Dr. Barry Nadel has skillfully crafts, so far, sixteen captivating installments, each a tantalizing piece of a grand puzzle that beckons you to join the quest for truth.

 Discover a otherworld realm where ethical dilemmas come to life, challenging your beliefs and sparking contemplation on the choices we make. The Hoshiyan Chronicles aren't just stories; they are a mirror reflecting the complexities of our own reality.

 Are you ready to transcend the ordinary and embrace a narrative that defies conventions? The Hoshiyan Chronicles await, promising an odyssey of unparalleled excitement and philosophical depth.

 Don't just read a book; live an adventure. Immerse yourself in The Hoshiyan Chronicles – where every page is a portal to a world beyond imagination. 

Some of the books available on the site

Book 1 Seeking the Light of Justice
Book 2 Saving the Light of Justice
Book 3 Oath of Peace


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 The Hoshiyan Chronicles from the

1st- Seeking the Light of Justice to the tenth,

The Light of Justice, Attributes of Leadership.). 

 I hope you enjoy my work and I

invite you to contact me with any questions.


Samuel David Steiner, 

I appreciate that the author was willing to take the time to explain many aspects of Judaism that most people will never hear about. I also enjoyed the author's ability to teach me facets of archaeology that I didn't know. I highly recommend this book.

Byron Tyler, 


This book is very Passionate and yet Though-provoking as well. Not only it's Creative, Spiritual, and Powerful but it's also Pensive/Thoughtful as well. Overall this book is Entertaining and Adventurous as well and it's a good read overall.


I love the story's premise and its connection to spirituality and adventure. Great writing and the characters are perfectly constructed. There is so much to learn from reading this book, science, spirituality, history, artifacts, etc. Totally a quick read, loaded with action, and lots of twists! I would highly recommend this book!

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