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Agricultural Consulting and Transfer of Technology

Plant Propagation in Modern Greenhouse

Various Projects I've consulted on:

Plant                               Country

Orchids                           Thailand

Kgat                                 Israel

Seed Production            China, Vietnam, Israel                                                     Jordan

Wine production            Israel 

Medicinal Cannabis       United States, Israel, 

Hemp                              Israel

Tissue Culture                Netherlands, Israel

Tomatoes                        Mexico

Forestry Air Pollution     Germany

Grapes                            India


Cannabis Technologies Available


Production of Mother plants on a commercial basis

•Proprietary methods of mass clonal propagation

•Growing Protocols

•Environmentally controlled greenhouse’

•Mechanical Harvesting

•Proprietary method of drying and curing

•The setting up of a pilot plant and analytical laboratory for the production of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) of Cannabinoids by CO2 extraction or ethanol extraction

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