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Brewing Storm 
Book 12

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Brewing Storm book 12

Can Queen Nina convince Hadassah parents to approve of Danny as their future son-in-law? Yossie discovers Queen Nina’s secret. What will he do with it? King Yona tries to unify the country by bringing Muglar Tzurel into the government. The Free Thinkers continue their campaign of civil disobedience and mayhem. Prince Elisha debates the leaders of the Free Thinkers on the Freedom of Thought. Calamity befalls the Arielis and the nation, when Queen Nina dies. Who will take up her mantle? Out of the west bursts out a new threat, which unities the nations surrounding Hoshiya. Like locust they feast on the Lomarian Empire and Illia.

Hezbollah rockets rain down on Israel. Avigdor Yaroni’s scouts are in the thick of the fighting. Missiles strike Choron. Can a crippled weight lifted save Hadassah’s parents trapped under rubble?

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