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Brewing Storm 
Book 12

Book 12 Brewing Storm

"Prepare for an intensifying tempest in 'Brewing Storm' as Queen Nina faces the daunting task of securing approval from Hadassah's parents for Danny's hand in marriage. Secrets unravel as Yossie stumbles upon Queen Nina's hidden truths, leaving a trail of uncertainty and intrigue in his wake.

King Yona endeavors to unify the kingdom, attempting to bring the enigmatic Muglar Tzurel into the government fold. But amidst this political turmoil, the Free Thinkers persist in their relentless campaign of civil disobedience and chaos. Prince Elisha, ever the voice of reason, finds himself in a heated debate with the leaders of the Free Thinkers, championing the cause of Freedom of Thought.

Tragedy strikes with Queen Nina's untimely demise, casting a pall over the Arielis and the nation as a whole. The question looms—who will rise to fill her formidable shoes? Yet, an even more ominous threat emerges from the west, uniting the neighboring nations in a formidable alliance. Like locusts, the Nakavians descend upon the Lomarian Empire and Illia, leaving devastation in their wake.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah rockets rain down upon Israel, and Avigdor Yaroni's scouts find themselves thrust into the heart of the conflict. As missiles strike Choron, the race against time unfolds. Can a herculean effort lift the weight of despair and save Hadassah Aharoni's parents, trapped beneath the rubble after a devastating missile attack? The brewing storm surges ever closer, with the fate of nations and hearts hanging in the balance."

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