Children's Books

The children's books fall into two categories: For small children 1-5 years and 6-9 years

Years 1-6

These books include the short series of 

Grouchy Bear, and The Little Greenhouse 

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Children between the ages
I am an etrog book cover.jpg

This is a five booklet series for children explaining each of the four species of Succot and a fifth book about the holiday. Unfortunately, written still unpublished

The Hoshiyan Chronicles' Series on Ethics for Young Children

This is a series of eight books on ethics and morals for young children. This was a challenging enterprise since ethics and morals use a vocabulary beyond most children between the ages of 6-10. Therefore, I have employed a method of storytelling to teach morals. The two main characters are Daniel Arieli and Yosef Drori. They are two main characters in the Hoshiyan Chronicles' Series.

A sample of one of the Children's Books

A Hoshiyan Children’s Book of Ethics



King Daniel and Queen Ronit, of Hoshiya, sat with their young grandchildren to teach them about ethics. He smiled at each one. His eyes twinkled with love for them. The children smiled in return to their grandparents.

“Today we will teach you about the difference between right and wrong,” he said.

The easiest way to remember these ideas is by connecting the idea with a letter. Let’s learn them together,” Grandfather Daniel said with a huge smile as he stroked his long white beard with his left hand.

A is for action: To act when needed and not stand by and let a bad thing happen.

B is for brave: To stand up for what is right and just. The boys stood.

“We are brave, like your guardsmen, Grandfather,” they said together.

“Yes, each one of you are brave. Lions to do the Holy One Blessed be He’s will.

“C is for?” their grandfather asked.

“I know, I know,” little Samuel said waving his hand.

“Yes Samuel, what does C stand for. Six year old Samuel stood up and said with a big smile, “Charity.”

“That’s right. Now go to grandmother Ronit. She will give you a piece of honey comb. The words of Torah should be associated with sweetness,” the King said.

“C is for Charity: To help others in need. Hakodosh Baruchu gives us a livelihood. With that present we aid the poor and less fortunate than us,” the queen explained to the children.

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