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Forging of a Spiritual Warrior

Book 8

Front Book cover of Forging of a Spiritual Warrior

The Spanish government releases the ancient dead Jewish community of Nido de Aguila as Yoshua and his team leave Spain. Laying the dead of Nido de Aguila to rest, sparks an international controversy. Judge Eliezer Dori demands the protection of world Jewry against anti-Semitism. The government encourage Rav Elisha Arieli to organize a clandestine organization to fight anti-Semitism worldwide.


The Forging of a Spiritual Warrior regales the time from the bizarre circumcision of Yossie and Danny through the extensive ethical and spiritual education that they receive as a child. The loving platonic relationship between Daniel Arieli and Yosef Drori symbolizes unity and selfless brotherly love. Elisha, the prophet, manipulates the people around him to fulfill the prophecies he receives. Death comes from the hand of a Vatican-paid assassin. A great teacher and scholar of ethics is cut down by hatred.


Yoshua wreaks revenge on the murderers. He demonstrates that he’s scarier than any monster that lurks in the night.

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