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Forging the Light of Justice

Book 4

Front Book Cover of Forging the Light of Justice

"Step back into the heart-pounding and relentless conflict in the ongoing saga of the Vatican's covert war against the enigmatic Hoshiyan Chronicles. As tensions escalate, the chapel area receives consulate status, sparking curiosity and fervent belief among locals, who perceive a miracle in the aftermath of a bombing—an eerie, selective damage to the wall tiles.

In a gripping twist, Vatican-backed Palestinian thieves embark on a treacherous mission to procure DNA samples that could validate the existence of Hoshiya. Meanwhile, continued readings from the Chronicles unveil the profound moral legacy of the Arieli family, while Gefen delves into the intriguing expansion of Hoshiya through strategic mergers with its monotheistic neighbors.

However, amidst the intrigue, a mission takes an unexpected turn as Benyamin Arieli and David Rosenberg find themselves separated from their unit, stranded deep within enemy territory in Syria. Dr. Arieli clandestinely authorizes a daring Hoshiyan rescue mission to save the young princes, leaving the fate of their perilous mission hanging by a thread. Can an attack helicopter and a squad of archers navigate the perilous landscape to carry out this daring rescue?

For the first time, Hoshiyan officers within the Israeli Defense Forces grapple with a profound dilemma—a clash of dual loyalties. As the stakes soar, they must confront a daunting question: Are they prepared to pay the ultimate price to safeguard the heirs of Hoshiya and the fate of the tribe of Asher?"

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