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Forging the Light of Justice

Book 4

Front Book Cover of Forging the Light of Justice

The continuing saga of the Vatican's secret war against the Hoshiyan Chronicles. The chapel area is given consulate status. The locals believe a miracle occurred during the bombing because of its selective damage to the wall tiles. Vatican paid Arab thieves attempt to steal DNA samples to prove Hoshiya exists. Continued readings reveal the moral legacy of the Arieli family. Gefen reads about the expansion of Hoshiya through mergers with its monotheistic neighbors.


In a disrupted mission, Benyamin Arieli and David Rosenberg are separated from their unit. They are alone in Syria caught behind enemy lines. Dr. Arieli approves of a secret Hoshiyan rescue mission to save the young princes. Can an attack helicopter and a squad of archers fulfill the mission? For the first time, Hoshiyan officers in the IDF face a problem of dual loyalty.


Are they willing to pay the price to save the heirs to Hoshiya and the tribe of Asher?

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