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Agro4pro designs, produces, and sells mini professional greenhouses. is a partnership of professionals whose skills complement each other to provide a wealth of experience. The partners bring in-depth knowledge in biology, agriculture, construction, management, marketing and sales.
The Agro4pro team has designed a unique mini professional greenhouse that fulfills an unexplored niche in the greenhouse industry.
The Agro4pro mini professional series are greenhouses being 26, 38, 62, and 122 sq. meters. They are designed with the help of experienced
engineers to withstand extreme weather conditions like heavy winds, snowfall, and hail.

The mini professional greenhouses are constructed from rugged steel profiles and supported by steel cables. The roof is made from a special
plastic known as ETFE. ETFE is:

        Very Strong

        Dirt Resistant

        Fire Resistant

        Low Light reflection

       Anti-drip (low-condensation)

       Retains Heat very well  

       High Durability (guaranteed for 10 years)

. Automation

The second generation greenhouses will be automated with sensors, actuators, and motors which will be connected to a computer program which will
provide ideal environmental conditions for plant growth.


The Agro4pro mini professional greenhouses can be used for home gardening, nurseries, research, farming, and Cannabis production.

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