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The Mysterious Birth of the Light of Justice
Book 7

Front Book Cover of Mysterious Birth of the Light of Justice

The saga’s of the Hoshiyan Chronicle's pace accelerates. Despite the political solution to the incursion into Syria, the head of Israel's Internal Security forces considers Dr. Arieli the leader of a Jewish terrorist organization.The Vatican employs Hamas, who with Iranian help add unsolicited violence in Jerusalem.

General Aharon Dori continues with the reign of Queen Chana and her family. A politically arranged marriage turns into two love affairs, linking the Arieli and Dori families platonically. Queen Chana’s first grandson, Elisha, is a genius. From a tender age, he’s revealed to be a prophet. Elisha prophecies the birth of his brothers Daniel and Yossie who share a special soul. Unknown mysteries shroud the miraculous pregnancies and births. Two boys are born at the same instant, who will teach the world about unity and brotherly love. Thus the Light of Justice is born into the world. The Vatican slanders the young female Israeli members of the team to discredit them and therefore, their work. Provacateurs are hired, which results in violence and death.

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