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The Mysterious Birth of the Light of Justice
Book 7

Front Book Cover of Mysterious Birth of the Light of Justice

"Enter the exhilarating heart of the Hoshiyan Chronicles as the saga hurtles forward at breakneck speed. Despite a political resolution to the Syrian incursion, the formidable head of Israel's Internal Security forces brands Dr. Arieli as the leader of a Jewish terrorist organization, igniting a new wave of tensions.

Amidst this turmoil, the Vatican orchestrates a sinister alliance with Hamas, bolstered by Iranian support, unleashing unsolicited violence upon the ancient streets of Jerusalem.

General Aharon Dori's unwavering dedication continues as he oversees the reign of Queen Chana and her remarkable family. What begins as a politically arranged marriage unexpectedly blossoms into two profound love affairs, forging a unique platonic bond between the Arieli and Dori clans.

The birth of Queen Chana's first grandson, Elisha, heralds the arrival of a prodigious genius, revealed from a tender age as a true prophet. Elisha's prophecies extend to the birth of his brothers, Daniel and Yossie, who share an extraordinary and unexplainable connection. The mysteries surrounding their miraculous pregnancies and births shroud them in an aura of intrigue. Born simultaneously, these two boys are destined to impart profound lessons of unity and brotherly love to the world, ushering in the fabled 'Light of Justice.'

Yet, the Vatican, desperate to discredit the young Israeli female members of the team, embarks on a slanderous campaign, seeking to undermine their work and reputation. With the hire of provocateurs, their actions ignite a maelstrom of violence and death, further intensifying the gripping narrative of this high-stakes thriller."

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