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NIA Farmer, Scholar, Prince.

Book 6

Front Book Cover of National Intelligence Agency

“An attack on a consulate is a declaration of war,” the Israeli Foreign Ministry hissed at his Spanish counterpart. In book 6, the National Intelligence Agency, the violent conflict continues to follow the Israelis. Aviva withstands the ultimate test of proving her love for Simon. She loves Simon enough to walk away from him. Tragedy strikes with the fulfillment of King Raphael’s prophecy. His son, King Elisha, is killed protecting his wounded guardsmen. Queen Chana takes over the reins of the government.

Three friends, a farmer, prince and scholar become Hoshiyans most efficient spies. Their exploits are the fuel of legends.


She initiates a number of reforms that anger the nobility and their allies the Free Thinkers. The pope’s surrogates attack Prof. Gavriel in his office at the Hebrw University, Givat Ram, Jerusalem. How will the Hoshiyans cope under constant assault from the Vatican.

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