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7 Elements of Page-Turner Best Thriller Novels

Updated: May 8

Putting out a thriller that hooks the audience is difficult, but like Audrey Hepburn once said, “Nothing is Impossible.” We also believe that! Developing a flabbergasting climax, a storyline with red herrings, and the most unexpected antagonist may be difficult. Still, the best thriller novels like Seeking the Light of Justice and Mysterious Birth of the Light of Justice hooked the audience like no other as proof!

Writing a page-turning thriller requires effort, a planned timeline, and a unique storyline. Still, as a beginner, you must understand the importance of the significant elements of thriller novels that keep the heart pacing!

Things to Work on When Writing for Thriller Novels 2022

When we talk about writing a thriller, we plan on bringing a sense of curiosity, a racing heart, and staying up all night to reach the novel's end! Yes, that is how you know the audience is enjoying and would want more from you! Being a part of Thriller Novels 2022 seems hard, but going ahead with a combination of the below pointers will help you!

Let us go ahead to understand the crux of curating a thriller!

Atmospheric Setting: One must remember the atmospheric setting that intrigues the audience. One must remember the setting can be contemporary, switching to contemporary or based in medieval settings with accurate information to align with the history. People find it interesting when they connect the novel with the reality they hold and revolve the story around the setting to feel connected.

Opening Hook: Most of the best thriller books hold the audience with an opening that hooks the audience. Some authors prefer to bring the idea of murder, a delayed wedding, or a crime scene that begins the story and hooks the audience from the beginning without diverting them from any unnecessary detail. A writer must construct the story’s timeline, ensuring a multi-directional pace if required.

Strong Protagonist: Novels like Seeking the Light of Justice feature a strong protagonist who faces character development throughout the novel. The sense of moving toward faith, justice, and righteousness influences the audience and holds them together with the impeccable story!

Foreshadowing: Best thriller novels introduce the concept of foreshadowing for the audience. One must understand that putting a foreshadowing to depict the future of a normal is one of the most appreciated forms of writing that is blowing the minds of readers, and it should be a part of novel writing.

Cliffhangers: Instilling cliffhangers in your thriller novels brings an edge to the story and audience that reflects the thinking, unlike others. Readers love the cliffhangers, which allow the writer to drag them toward the next part of the novel without even being compelling. Never forget the importance of twists and cliffhangers, as they keep the readers hooked.

Evil Antagonist: A strong villain brings a novel to the best thriller books. An identity powerful enough to overpower the protagonist makes a novel effective. The sense of overcoming such a circumstance brings the concept of accomplishment to people. Having to live a monotonous life where problems keep visiting people, reading a novel with an evil antagonist and how the protagonist suffers but wins ultimately brings readers a sense of security!

Life-Saving Ending: With a spectacular ending, one can end the novel, but there are essentials that one must follow while curating an action-packed, riveting, and unveiling ending that blows the mind while generating multiple emotions at the same time!


With all the important elements, one can feasibly curate a book that enters the thriller novels 2022 without a doubt! Bring in cliffhangers, foreshadowing, and an undeniably strong antagonist that makes it adventurous to read the novel!

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