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“In ‘The Brewing Storm,’ the stakes have never been higher. Queen Nina’s determined quest to win the approval of Hadassah’s parents for her beloved Danny sets the stage for a heart-wrenching battle of love against prejudice. However, the discovery of Queen Nina’s closely guarded secret by Yossie adds an explosive twist to the narrative, leaving readers to wonder what choices he will make.


King Yona, in a bold move towards national unity, invites the formidable political adversary Muglar Tzurel into the government. Yet, the relentless Free Thinkers continue their campaign of civil disobedience and chaos, forcing Prince Elisha into a pivotal debate on the Freedom of Thought


Tragedy strikes when Queen Nina dies, leaving a void in moral leadership that threatens the Arielis and the nation. As a new threat emerges from the west, uniting neighboring nations against Hoshiya.


Hezbollah rockets rain down on Israel, and Avigdor Yaroni’s scouts are thrust into the midst of conflict. With missiles devastating Choron, can a courageous but crippled weightlifter rescue Hadassah’s trapped parents from the rubble? Amidst turmoil and peril, this gripping saga explores love, loss, and resilience in the face of an impending storm.”


Brewing Storm Book 12

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