“Attacking a consulate is a declaration of war,” the Israeli Foreign Ministry hissed at his Spanish counterpart. Violence continues to shadow the archaeologists. The people of Nido de Aguila become hostile. Simon takes Aviva to England to meet his family. Instead of an official marriage proposal, Aviva undergoes the ultimate test of proving her love for Simon. She loves him enough to walk away from him.
The pope's continuing war on the Hoshiyans results in Amit Arieli, Micki's cousin being kidnapped in London. The pope wants DNA proof that Hoshiyans exist. Amit attempts to escape using a method with rats used by his ancestors. Will the rats do the trick?
Tragedy strikes in the saga of the Hoshiyan people. King Raphael’s prophecy is fulfilled. His son, the popular King Elisha, is killed protecting his wounded guardsmen in a fiercely fought battle. Queen Chana takes over the reins of the government. Chana has to fight male chauvinism and bigotry. She initiates a number of reforms that anger the nobility and their allies the Free Thinkers, but brings her extensive popular support.
Rivka Arieli reveals to Aviva the secrets of the Hoshiyan people. Will she now accept Simon after what happened to her in England?
The pope’s war against Aharon Dori, the Hoshiyan Chronicles and everyone connected to Professor Rosenberg Continues. Alberto’s surrogates (the Fatah terrorist organization) attack Prof. Gavriel in his office at the university.

NIA Farmer, Scholar, Prince Book 6

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