From the horrors of Roman conquest and war to an Oath of Peace, the Hoshiyan Chronicles continue its great adventure . The Oath of Peace finds our archaeologists opening the first book. They discover the community ledger. Combined with the DNA sequencing, the medical examiners are able to provide names to the forty-six dead. The second second book begins the Hoshiyan Chronicles. The story starts with the great revolt against Rome. The villagers of Choron escape by sea but are tossed about by a huge angry storm for three days. They end up in a new land where Rome is unknown. They encounter new friends and enemies. From a few settlements they grow into a colony and into a nation. After fifty years they gather in Hoshiya (means refuge) to discuss their future. They ask, "Why are we here?" See how they arrive to the fundamental of their society, the Oath of Peace. Life in Nido de Aguila once more gets turned upside down. There is a zealot priest seeking revenge.

Oath of Peace (Brit Shalom) Book 3

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