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In Spiritual Spy, Elisha, Danny’s brother and the Hoshiyan prophet, sends him on a perilous mission to stop a war. At sixteen, Danny Arieli has no practical knowledge of what he is getting into. He must enter the dark and debauched world of espionage and sex. Danny must let a ruthless spy, Sophia, seduce him to steal falsified battle plans. He holds the fate of tens of thousands in his hands. Danny’s only weapon is his charm and his faith in Pekuach Nefesh (saving souls).


His faith is shaken when he meets Hadassah, a gorgeous girl who shares his heritage and his heart. Their love sparks a deadly jealousy in Sophia, the spy’s lover, who hires assassins to kill Hadassah. Can Danny protect his beloved from the bullets of the night? Can he complete his mission without losing his soul? Don’t miss this gripping novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page.


The Light of Justice: Spiritual Spy epub book 11

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