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The Prophecy of the Light of Justice
Book 5

Front book cover of Prophecy of the Light of Justice

A rogue papal agent hires a mobster hit man, who gets killed by Yoshua. The mob wants revenge. In the continuing saga of Hoshiya, Raphael Arieli has a prophecy at his son’s birth. He sees the future. A descendant will become the greatest king of Hoshiya, but at what cost? Raphael sees his son’s death. Can Raphael and Nina save their son, Elisha, by repentance?

Gila and Chelon begin a relationship. Raphael Arieli is elected king, but in a tragic accident becomes an invalid. While regent, Elisha faces two acts of treason by the Duke of Randar and his granddaughter. Will he execute a duke?

The mob besieges the consulate in Nido de Aguila. Death brings heartache to the consulate and the Hoshiyan people

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