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The Prophecy of the Light of Justice
Book 5

Front book cover of Prophecy of the Light of Justice

"Enter a world where intrigue and destiny collide in a gripping tale of power, prophecy, and peril. A rogue agent of the Vatican seeks vengeance and hires a ruthless mob hitman, setting the stage for a life-and-death struggle that forces Yoshua to take a life in self-defense. The rioting  mob, enflamed by papal instigators, won't rest until they have their pound of flesh.

In the ever-evolving tapestry of Hoshiya, Raphael Arieli is granted a chilling prophecy during his son's birth—an eerie glimpse into the future. A prophecy foretells that a descendant will rise to become Hoshiya's greatest king, but the chilling specter of his own son's death looms. Can Raphael and Nina rewrite the future through acts of redemption?

Love blossoms amidst the turmoil as Gila and Chelon embark on a passionate journey of their own. Raphael Arieli, elected as king, faces a tragic twist of fate, leaving him incapacitated. As a regent, his son Elisha grapples with a grave dilemma, encountering two acts of treason committed by the Duke of Randar and his own granddaughter. The weighty decision of whether to execute a duke hangs in the balance.

Meanwhile, the relentless mob lays siege to the consulate in Nido de Aguila, casting a shadow of death and heartache over both the consulate and the Hoshiyan people. In this riveting continuation of the saga, loyalties are tested, destinies are forged, and the price of power becomes ever clearer."

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