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Ultimate Treason
Book 14

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Pinchas, the weightlifter, is shot in the head by Iranian assassins. Will he ever wake up? Muglar’s plans are coming to fruition. The Shinarians invade Hoshiya, drawing King Yona and the army far from the capital. Muglar’s Malogoth allies invade with the help of his rebel forces in the ultimate treason. Do death squads murder every Arieli and families associated with them?

Danny’s mother and grandmother are killed in front of him. Danny, Yossie and Prince Avigdor, fight their way down the peninsula protecting fleeing civilians. General Ori Yavetz leads a successful defense in the south. Will Danny survive to reach his father the king and the returning army? Or will he be murdered like the rest of his family?

The Ultimate Treason climaxes with destruction and death caused by arrogance, greed and selfishness. Only with faith, righteousness and justice can a people survive such betrayal. Can the Daniel Arieli rise to the occasion?

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