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Ultimate Treason
Book 14

Book 14 Ultimate Treason

"Prepare for an unrelenting storm of treachery and upheaval in 'Ultimate Treason.' Pinchas, the indomitable weightlifter, falls victim to a ruthless assassination attempt by Iranian assassins, leaving the haunting question of whether he will ever awaken from his coma.

Muglar's nefarious machinations inch closer to fruition as the Shinarians launch a devastating invasion of Hoshiya, luring King Yona and the nation's army far from the vulnerable capital. Seizing this pivotal moment, Muglar's Malogoth allies descend upon the land with the aid of his rebel forces, igniting the ultimate act of betrayal. As chaos ensues, death squads set out on a merciless mission, targeting every Arieli and those linked to them.

Innocence shatters as Danny witnesses the horrifying murder of his mother and grandmother, propelling him, along with Yossie and Prince Avigdor, into a desperate rearguard battle to protect fleeing civilians. Meanwhile, General Ori Yavetz orchestrates a valiant defense in the south. The question hangs in the balance—will Danny survive to reunite with his father, the king, and the returning army, or will he meet the same gruesome fate as his family?

'The Ultimate Treason' crescendos with a cataclysmic climax, where arrogance, greed, and selfishness collide with devastating consequences. Only through unwavering faith, righteousness, and justice can a people hope to endure the depths of such treacherous betrayal. Can Daniel Arieli rise to the occasion and lead his people toward salvation in the face of unparalleled adversity?"

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