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Saving the Light of Justice

Book Two

Book Two Saving the Light of Justice

"Locked behind the unforgiving walls of a Spanish prison, Valdemoro, Yoshua, Aviva, and Sasha find themselves trapped by false accusations. Their salvation arrives unexpectedly through a royal pardon and the benevolence of the Minister of Interior, but their battle is far from over. Back on home soil, they embark on a perilous quest to secure leverage against the Spanish government and reclaim the sacred chapel and its priceless artifacts.

Meanwhile, the sinister shadow of Ernesto Palmerio, the Spanish deputy minister of the Interior and leader of a Basque terrorist faction, looms large. He cunningly offers to reopen the excavation, luring Yoshua into a deadly trap. However, Yoshua and his team plot to turn the tables, setting the stage for a high-stakes confrontation.

Just when the situation seems dire, the Hoshiyans, with Israeli intelligence backing, unveil Ernesto's true identity as a terrorist mastermind. Armed with reinforcements, Yoshua engages in a heart-pounding shootout, capturing Ernesto alive. In the tense negotiations that follow, Yoshua's tenacity pays off, and the chapel and its irreplaceable artifacts are restored to their rightful owners.

But as the team returns to Spain, a new set of challenges and surprises awaits. Simon, a member of their group, is haunted by a relentless pursuer—an avenger seeking justice for his wife's murder, and he's tracked them to Spanish soil."

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