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Saving the Light of Justice

Book Two

Front Book Cover of Saving the Light of Justice

Yoshua, Aviva and Sasha sit falsely incarcerated in a Spanish prison. They are saved by the king’s pardon and the Minister of Interior. Once home they seek anything to barter with the Spanish government to recover the chapel and its artifacts.

Spanish deputy minister of the Interior, Ernesto Palmerio, leader of the terrorists promises to reopen the excavation to lure Yoshua back to his death. Yoshua team plan to turn the ruse around. An ambush to murder Yoshua on the Spanish-Portuguese border is thwarted by Hoshiyans. Israeli intelligence tell them that Ernesto is a terrorist leader. With backup Yoshua captures Ernesto in a shootout. In the ensuing negotiations Yoshua receives back the chapel and its artifacts.

The team returns to Spain to many surprises. Simon’s pass catches up with him. His wife’s murderer has come to Spain to finish his revenge.

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