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The Light of Justice:
Spiritual Spy
Book 11

Front Book Cover of The Light of Justice: Spiritual Spy

At sixteen, Daniel is drafted into the NIA by Elisha and General David Aluz. They need to set a honey trap for an older, experienced female spy, Sophia. Innocent and naïve Daniel is sucked into a world of immorality and depravity. Everything changes when he falls through a roof into the bed of Hadassah Chorev. He is drawn to this beautiful, intelligent girl of his own people. Can he juggle two relationships? One with a foreign spy and the other a Hoshiyan girl? Despite the differences, Danny has feelings for Sophia. He believes he can save her soul. Jealousy turns into murderous rage.  Can Danny’s uncanny skills with a bow save Hadassah?

Does Danny possess the spiritual fortitude to wade through the cesspool of espionage and emerge unscathed and a better person?

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