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  • Q1. What motivated you to become an author?
    A. First, the basis of the series, Justice, Righteousness, and Faith, were far too important subjects to be left hidden on my computer. The second reason was to honor my late wife's life, and death has changed me so radically to make it possible for me to develop my potential and make it a reality.
  • Q2. What are the Genres that you have written in fiction?
    A. Regarding writing fiction, I am interested in writing fantasy books with Justice, Righteousness, and Faith as their basis!
  • Q3. What is your idea behind writing a novel?
    A. An audience and the storyteller are like a parent and his children. A parent may tell his children not to steal. However, he doesn't practice what he preaches. If he constantly cuts corners and borrows things from work, the child quickly understands that words are cheap. It is the same with characters in a story. If they are not credible, the public will frown upon them. If the characters you develop practice what they preach, you can grab your audience's attention. My fantasy book series, The Hoshiyan Chronicles, is written keeping the above ideology in mind.
  • Q4. Do you have any writing tips for beginners planning to step foot?
    A. With so many best thriller books, a writer must never forget to build characters with depth. Character development in a novel brings the audience close to reality like no other. Your characters must be given life challenges, spiritual awakening, and righteousness, and let the development through all the obstacles they face!
  • Q5. How can I contact you?
    A. You can visit my contact page and get all the necessary details. Be its email address, phone number, or location.
  • Q6. I would like to interview Dr. Barry Nadel, whom should I contact?
    A. If you plan to schedule an interview with me, you should email me at and get connected.
  • Q7. I want to subscribe to your books. Where can I get the Subscription?
    A. For updates and access to books, you can subscribe via our Subscription Form and get connected with us!
  • Q8. I am looking forward to reading your fantasy novel, but where can I find them?
    A. I am grateful you are planning to invest your valuable time and energy in my fantasy books. You can go to the Shop and buy the ebook for all my books there.
  • Q9. Where is your photo gallery so I can get to know you better?
    A. That is amazing to hear. I get how people like to connect with the life of the author they read, and this is an honor to me! You can visit Photo Gallery and see my life's development.
  • Q10. I want to understand your work in a better way.
    A. If you want to read more about my work, visit my About Me page and get more information!
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