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Photo of the first 12 books of the Hoshiyan Chronicles

This website is dedicated to the literary endeavors of Dr. Barry Nadel, both fiction and non-fiction. The works are divided between fiction and agricultural books. 

The storyline of the Hoshiyan Chronicles are a multi-themed series covering the genre of thriller, suspense, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and spiritual.

The storyline is divided into three unique interlocking phases.

1. The present- Professor Yoshua Rosenberg and his team of archaeologists seeking information about the fabled king “The Light of Justice. Font-Times New Roman

2. General Aharon Dori, the storyteller of the Chronicles. And his adventures. Font Centabel book

3. The Hoshiyan Chronicles Font Centabel book.

The Goals of the Hoshiyan Chronicles are:

1. Educational

    a. Ethics dealing with problems everyone faces during their lives.

    b. Justice

    c. Faith

   d. Righteousness

   e. Selfless love of your neighbor

2. Entertainment

3. Political Science

Development of an improved society based on the Oath of Peace.

The Agricultural books are divided into two parts.

Books on Home Wine Making and 

Production of organic crop production in greenhouses.

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