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The Light of Justice: Evolution of Leadership
Book 10

Front Book Cover of Light of Justice: Evolution of Leadership

Banished out of the university, the Vatican surrogates attack again. A Hoshiyan Mossad agent turns a Palestinian terrorist into an alternative leader to the PLO. Iran and the Vatican join forces against Hoshiyans!

Judge Drori explains the parallels between ecology and justice. General Aluz’s grandson is accused of rape. Yossie defends Elizur. His dramatic final evidence shocks the court. At the funeral of two schoolmates, Danny’s empathy forces him to face his demons. He eulogies them before thousands.


This act cements Danny’s leadership of the entire school. Master spy, Leo Ledan devises an escape plan for a Hoshiyan-Iranian cryptologist. It ends in a fiery car crash. Leo and the Iranians stare in horror as the taxi burns. Have the Hoshiyan hopes of breaking the Iranian encryption gone up in flames?

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