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Worthy of Love
Book 13

Book 13 Worthy of Love

Journey through time and passion in 'Worthy of Love,' where three men grapple with a timeless challenge separated by centuries: Are they deserving of the women they hold dear?

In the distant past, Prince Daniel Arieli embarks on a spiritual quest to become worthy in the eyes of his beloved fiancée. Meanwhile, in the present day, Sasha Chrominsky yearns to prove his worthiness for the forbidden love he shares with the scar-faced guardswoman, Hadassah Aharoni, despite the deep-rooted Almiyan-Hoshiyan divide. The enigmatic Prof. Yoshua Rosenberg, though, remains resolute in resisting the undeniable truth hidden within the Hoshiyan Chronicles.

Amidst this complex tapestry of love and longing, the captivating Gila Chamadi, a guardswoman of unparalleled beauty, finds her heart entwined with that of the wheelchair-bound weightlifter, Pinchas Shamir. Yet, Pinchas grapples with his own sense of worthiness, intimidated by the fearless guardswoman who has captured his heart.

These three men confront strikingly similar trials, each seeking elusive solutions. As their stories intertwine, the question looms: will they find their happily ever after, or will the relentless challenges of the real world impose obstacles they could never have imagined?

Join the riveting journey through the ongoing saga of the Hoshiyan Chronicles, where passion and destiny collide in a captivating thriller series that will keep you on the edge of your seat."

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