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Worthy of Love
Book 13

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Worthy of Love

Three men are faced similar challenges separated by over a millennium: Are they worthy of the women they love?

In the past, Prince Daniel Arieli seeks to improve himself spiritually to make himself worthy in the eyes of his fiancé. In the present, Sasha Chrominsky wants to be worthy of the forbidden love of the scar-faced guardswoman, Hadassah Aharoni. He an Almiyan and she a Hoshiyan. Why does Prof. Yoshua Rosenberg resist the truth of the Hoshiyan Chronicles?

The amazing and beautiful Gila Chamadi, guardswomen loves the wheelchair-bound weightlifter, Pinchas Shamir. Intimidated by a guardswoman, Pinchas wonders if he is worthy of her.

These three men face similar trials, and find difficult solutions. Will they live happily ever after or will the real world impose upon them trials they never thought possible?

Follow the continuing saga of the gripping thriller novel series the Hoshiyan Chronicles.

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