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Box set of the Hoshiyan Chronicles Books 1-5

The Box Set is currently only available in Ebook form.

Box Set of Ebooks 1-5

Summary of Books 1-5

Summary of the first 5 books of the Hoshiyan Chronicles.

Book 1:


The Light of Justice is a worldwide folklore hero famous for ruling a land based on faith, righteousness, and justice. Yoshua Rosenberg’s archeological team is in pursuit of his identity. Yoshua discovers in the binding of an old book, the cover page of the Hoshiyan Chronicles by Aharon Dori. Under the author’s name, was printed a dedication to the King: the Light of justice.

Yoshua posted the document on the internet. Vatican Internet security picks up the publication since it was flagged red. The pope discovers, in a secret vault under the Vatican, a papal directive to destroy the Chronicles and any mention of Aharon Dori. This starts the secret war with the Vatican.

Yoshua is unaware that he is the central figure in an ancient Hoshiyan prophecy. His real name is Yoshua Aluz, hereditary crown prince of Aluz and prince of the Tribe of Asher. The cover page leads them to a 15th-century converted synagogue to a chapel in southern Spain. The excavation is secretly financed by Hoshiyans via Dr. Simon Jamerson (surgeon). There, they discover the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition. Falsely imprisoned for terrorism, from where will their salvation come?


Book 2


Yoshua, Aviva, and Sasha receive the king’s pardon. Once home, they receive information to barter with the Spanish government to recover the chapel and artifacts.

Deputy Minister of the Interior, Ernesto Palmerio, a secret leader of the Basque terrorists, lures Yoshua back to Spain to murder him. An ambush to murder Yoshua on the Spanish-Portuguese border is thwarted by an elderly couple of bow-wielding Hoshiyans. Yoshua captures Ernesto in a shootout. In the ensuing negotiations, Yoshua receives back the chapel and its artifacts.

The team returns to Spain with too many surprises. Simon’s wife’s murderer has come to Spain to finish his revenge.


Book 3


Spain returns the artifacts, but, with a chaperone, Dr. Miguel Sarmiento. The Spaniard’s lust for treasure and the beautiful Dr. Berger bring strife to the excavation. The first book, opened, is The Community Ledger. It provides a wealth of information from which they discover hidden treasures. The second book introduces Aharon Dori and the Hoshiyan Chronicles. Aharon details how they came to Hoshiya. The Hoshiyans create a new society with their Oath of Peace. Terrorists strike again. They try to blow up the chapel with the team inside it. Everyone is wounded. How will Dr. Jamerson choose to save the woman he loves (Aviva) and his duty to the prophecy (Yoshua)?


Book 4


The Spanish give the chapel area consulate status. The locals believe a miracle occurred during the bombing because of its selective damage. Continued readings reveal the moral legacy of the Arieli family. In a disrupted mission, Benyamin Arieli and David Rosenberg are separated from their unit. They are alone in Syria. Dr. Arieli approves of a secret Hoshiyan rescue mission to save the young princes. Can an attack helicopter and a squad of archers fulfill the mission? For the first time, Hoshiyan officers in the IDF face a problem of dual loyalty. Are they willing to pay the price?


Book 5


A rogue papal agent hires a mobster hitman, who gets killed by Yoshua. The mob wants revenge. In the continuing saga of Hoshiya, Raphael Arieli has a prophecy at his son’s birth. He sees the future. A descendant will become the greatest king of Hoshiya, but at what cost? Raphael sees his son’s death. Can Raphael and Nina save their son, Elisha, by repentance?

Gila and Chelon begin a relationship. Raphael Arieli is elected king, but in a tragic accident becomes an invalid. While regent, Elisha faces two acts of treason by the Duke of Randar and his granddaughter. Will he execute a duke?

The mob besieges the consulate. Death brings heartache to the consulate and the Hoshiyan people.

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