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Photo of the Author Dr. Barry Nadel

Why I write


Hi, I am Dr. Barry Nadel. I am a research scientist in the field of plant genetics and biotechnology. I have been writing books for almost 40 years. You can find my non-fiction books on various agricultural subjects on Amazon or Draft2Digital.

I would love to hear from you. 


When my first marriage was falling apart, I started taking my writing more seriously. It helped me feel balanced and focused. I kept writing because I loved being creative. And when I decided to share my stories, it was for two important reasons. First, I thought the themes of my series—like Justice, Righteousness, and Faith—were too meaningful to keep to myself. Second, I wanted to honor my late wife, who inspired me to grow and chase my dreams.

You know how some teachers can make any topic interesting? Well, good storytellers are like that too. When you're hooked on a story and really care about the characters, it's easier to understand big ideas.

Think of a storyteller and their audience like a parent and kids. A parent might tell their kids not to steal, but if they're always cutting corners themselves, the kids won't take them seriously. It's the same with story characters—if they're not believable, nobody will care about their message. But if they live by their values, they'll grab your attention.

Now, my characters might seem larger than life, but they're actually exploring what people can truly achieve. Through spiritual growth, they push the boundaries of what's possible for humans.

Our society often focuses on immediate pleasure and ignores deeper needs. People try to fill the void in their lives with things like drugs or material goods. But even when the high wears off, they're still searching for meaning.

Humans are unique because we can choose between the physical world and the spiritual world. The decision is ours. We have to put in the work to grow spiritually—it's not something you can buy or have someone do for you.

In my book series, the characters face challenges that often have a spiritual side. As they grow and change, they show how Justice, Righteousness, and Faith can shape reality. It's like the story of the arrow that didn't fly straight—humans can defy nature when they tap into their spiritual potential. But it takes effort to make it happen.

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