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Why I write


My fiction writing became more serious during a difficult divorce. It helped me find harmony and my center. I continued writing fiction because I loved the creativity. I published it for two reasons. First I felt that the basis of the series, Justice, Righteousness and Faith were far too important subjects to be left hidden in my computer. The second reason was to honor my late wife. It was her life and death that changed me so radically to make it possible for me to develop my potential and make it into a reality.

One can lecture on any subject and some people will hear you and understand. An excellent storyteller can weave his trade into an unusual method of teaching. Once you get caught up in the lives and emotions of the characters of the story, it is much easier to open people to ideas and concepts.

An audience and the storyteller are like a parent and his children. A parent may tell his children not to steal. However, he doesn’t practice what he preaches. If he is constantly cutting corners, and borrowing things from work, then the child quickly understands that words are cheap. It is the same with characters in a story. If they are not credible, the public will frown upon them. If the characters that you develop practice what they preach, you can grab your audience's attention.

The characters in my stories may seem on the outside too big to be believable. We must delve deeper and learn about man's true potential. Through spiritual development you realize my characters all fall within or just barely outside what is humanly possible.

Western culture and society do not encourage the development of the soul. In fact, it does the opposite. Worry about the immediate pleasures and don't worry about the future. Think about yourself and what is good for you. This is what all the advertisers are telling us as they try to sell us everything under the sun to fill the void in our life because of the lack of spirituality in your life.

Now that Cannabis is legal in Colorado and people can get high whenever and wherever they feel like it, they have a means of temporarily filling the hole in their lives. However, when the effects of the drug wear off, their lives are still empty and without reason.

Man is an unusual creature, he has one foot in the physical world and the potential to have the other in the spiritual world. It is a matter of freedom of choice. The Holy One Blessed be He created Man with the ability to choose between good and evil, right and wrong, the mundane and the spiritual. Humans must make a conscious choice to invest their time and effort to improve. No one else can give you something spiritual in your life. It is something you cannot buy on the shelf, or hire someone to do it for you.

In the Hoshiyan Chronicles, I have given my characters challenges to overcome and many of them have a very spiritual aspect to them. We see how they develop and how they change. This concept is seen in the short story of the arrow that did not fly straight. Man can reach a spiritual level in which he can defy the laws of nature. Through Justice, Righteousness, and Faith, human beings can alter their reality; however, one must invest the time and effort to make it come to pass.

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