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Physics and Multiverse  Does Hoshiya Exist

By Dr. Barry Nadel

“The revelations in the Hoshiyan Chronicles shake the very foundations of our understanding! The mysterious whispers of history have unfolded before us, revealing the existence of Aharon Dori. The artifacts unearthed, the strands of his lineage woven through the tapestry of time, speak of a lineage steeped in mystery, an origin cloaked in enigma!” Aviva stated.

“Not only the physical artifacts that attest to his reality. His unique genetic signature, revealed by the meticulous hands of our forensic scientists, bears witness to his existence! A being born not of mundane lineage but shrouded in the veils of the unknown. His lineage defies the norms of our comprehension!” Yoshua countered.

“The chronicles have guided us thus far like the beckoning call of a siren amidst the tempestuous sea of uncertainty. They speak not of the whims of some feeble mind but of a grandeur beyond mortal ken. Who among us can deny the hand of fate that guided the quill and breathed life into the words upon the page? The chronicles stand as a testament to a long- obscured truth that defies the confines of time and space!” Dr. Jamerson added.

“Simon, you are, as always, a proponent that the Chronicles are a history of a people. We proved that Aharon’s description of Hoshiya doesn’t exist in our world,” Yoshua reminded him.

You have made the argument that this would be Europe’s first novel. The date the Chronicles were written are decades before Miguel de Cervantes penned his immortal tale of Don Quixote,” Sasha said.

“If novels didn’t exist in those times, maybe that is an argument that the chronicles are a history,” Ruth argued.

“We agree the physical description provided by General Dori does not exist in this world,” Yoshua stated emphatically.

“Boss, you called him General Dori. If you accept, he was a general; in what army did he serve?” Sasha asked,

“Maybe what we should ask is basic to the entire question,” Ruth said.

“And what is this central question?” Yoshua asked his wife.

“Is there definitive evidence that the Light of Justice, Daniel Arieli, existed?”

Everyone looked at the professor. He was the world’s leading expert on the Light of Justice. Yoshua reviewed the facts with his team.

“There are stories from several cultures and time periods that refer to the Light of Justice. There is no direct connection in time and space for these stories to have passed from one culture to the next. We have verified several storytellers' existence in various cultures as actual people. The themes of the Light of Justice stories are not the same as most of the mythology and folklore of those cultures,” Yoshua summarized.

“The anomaly of these stories is glaring. Yet, despite this, for us to accept these Chronicles as factual, we have to accept science fiction as factual,” Yoshua said.

Simon pulled out his cellular phone and lifted it up to show everyone.

“As a child, we read about the detective Dick Tracy in the cartoons. He had “a radio watch”. In those days, they called it science fiction. Here, I am holding a device that is not only a phone; this apparatus has many functions: a camera, computer, and applications that make it into hundreds of tools. If you would have asked me as a child if it was possible, I would have told you no,” Simon explained.

“We are forgetting something,” Gefen commented. Everyone turned to stare at Gefen.

“What are you referring to, dear?” Aviva asked.

“That the Jewish community of Nido de Aguila not only accepted Aharon Dori as a Hoshiyan general but paid with their lives to protect the Chronicles. They opened the cubby hole after they were inside the sealed room. They knew the Catholic Church was looking for every copy of the Chronicles because it was dangerous to the Church. The man found holding the Chronicles had suffered horrendous tortures. Still, he didn’t give away the location of the Chronicles. That is enough faith in a man for me to believe Aharon Dori was whom he said and that his story is true,” Gefen said.

“That is a powerful argument, Gefen,” the professor replied.

“Nevertheless, we have many examples of people who brainwash others, and they sacrifice their lives for them. In 1978, cult leader Jim Jones convinced his followers to commit mass suicide. Over nine hundred people killed themselves on his orders,” Yoshua informed Gefen.

“Professor, do you think Aharon Dori was a deranged cult leader taking advantage of his flock?” Hadassah asked.

Everyone waited for Yoshua’s answer.

“There is no evidence that Aharon Dori was a deranged cult leader.”

For the first time, Simon added his opinion.

“Yoshua, you have constantly searched for ways to degrade and belittle Aharon Dori. Yet we have no evidence of him doing any deed that demands such negative treatment. The opposite is true. His community loved him and cherished him. He never made demands that were outside the structure of Orthodox Judaism. If you remember, generals in the Hoshiyan army had to be judges (Dayan). He acted as a Dayan in the north and in Spain. We have learned to this point concerning General Aharon Dori that he was a dedicated religious man with high moral standards.”

“You might not accept the “science fiction” part, but Aharon Dori is a man worthy to emulate,” Simon said.

Yoshua didn’t answer. Everyone awaited his answer.

“I am sorry if my opinions offend people’s sentiments about Aharon Dori. I am sure that the Chronicles will have many more stories about the man. From the evidence we gathered so far, I have to agree with you, Simon. On a personal level, he was an incredible person.”

“Everyone is avoiding what we learned from Prince Yona Arieli the other day. He believed they lived in an alternative existence,” Gila reminded them.

“An eminent physicist put forth a theory to solve the Paradox of Schrodinger’s cat-in-the-box thought experiment. Schrödinger’s theoretical experiment involved placing a cat along with something that has the potential to kill the cat (a radioactive atom) in a box and sealing it. The superposition theory of quantum physics states that until a person opens the box, the cat is both alive and dead; a superposition of states exists.

The concept to solve Schrödinger’s theory is every quantum jump-point produces a parallel universe,” Gila stated.

“I didn’t know you studied physics, Gila,” Yoshua replied.

“Professor, there are many things you don’t know about me,” Gila responded, grinning.

“To paraphrase the eminent physicist Prof. Lisa Randell, experts in cosmology think that a multiverse is a fascinating concept that is worthy of further study. Randall confidently said nothing about our world is inconsistent with the existence of God. One can easily envision a creator God who brings forth a multiverse in which all possible universes can potentially be realized.’”

“So, you are saying there is a scientific basis for the existence of Hoshiya in another universe?”

“Yes, where the two universes touch, the disturbance causes the storms we read about before the people of Choron entered the universe of Hoshiya. That is why we can’t find any of the physical features General Dori wrote in the chronicles,” Gila explained.

To add to Prof. Randall’s ideas, we find the universe alone has no inertia,” Gila continued.

“Without inertia, a universe doesn’t have to be here tomorrow because it exists today. The will of the Holy One, blessed be He, creates. His creation gives matter inertia. The will of discerning beings has no inertia. To give the universe inertia, it needs continual regeneration. Renewal of creation can only originate from one source, God’s will,” Gila explained.

“We read in the first blessing before reading Shema Ysrael, ‘Lord of wonders, in his goodness he renews the creation every day,” Simon added.

“Okay, Gila, what is the path of renewal?” Aviva asked.

“God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it because on it ‘He abstained from His work which God created, (Genesis 2:3)’. God created the laws of nature so the world could function on its own.”

Rashi tells us about the Jews wandering in the desert with Moshe.”

“God sanctified [Shabbat] with the manna. Five days a week, one measure [of manna] fell for each person, but on Fridays, a double portion came down. On Shabbat, the manna did not appear.”

“God altered the laws of nature to ensure that manna reached its destination at the right time. It represents God’s direct control by the day on which the world stops, Shabbat,” Gila informed them.

“May I help explain?” Simon asked Gila.


“The sages teach us that Shabbat is the source of the blessing of manna, which the children of Ysrael found every morning. God’s will renew creation every day. God uses this to teach us to prepare for Shabbat. Shabbat is the vessel that contains the blessing. Our sages taught that you can detect the flow if you are outside a vessel when God pours out the blessing. If you are inside the vessel holding the blessing, its flow is undetectable to you,” Simon explained.



Physics and Multiverse

Part 2


Gila took up the explanation again.

“Shabbat alters the laws of nature, which suggests the World to Come, i.e., the spiritual world. We sit inside a vessel (Shabbat) of blessings submerged in a representation of the World to Come. We are not required to have the blessing poured out into the material world because we don’t exist in that world. Shabbat is an atmosphere where we have taken a temporary leave of this world. There is no need for manna on Shabbat. It doesn’t stream into it. Shabbat is its source, and blessings flow out of it,” Gila expounded.

“God sustains us by His blessings. The source of material blessing is not the universe that God gave inertia to govern by the laws of nature. That is the world of matter. Blessings come from the spiritual world or, in terms of physics, energy. Our existence has a purpose. God’s objective of sustaining us and renewing the creation is to ensure we arrive at our destination. The regenerating source is Shabbat, a day suggestive of our goal.”

“Shabbat represents more than our destination. God created our existence, so it would be apparent that Shabbat is the intersecting point between the two parallel universes. Shabbat is the point where energy is converted into matter and vice versa,” Gila told them.

“You are saying Shabbat is a portal between the material and spiritual universes?” Sasha asked.

“Yes, Sasha.”

“Objects in the material world are six-sided: top, bottom and four sides. Six is the letter vav. It represents the material world. Any matter without six-sides is imaginary in the existence of three-dimensional objects. Solids have one metaphysical point; their center. Every object in the material world radiates from their center. What the center represents is the key and functional fact in an object. We use it for calculations, i.e. the center of gravity, or courses in geometry, trigonometry or physics.”

“By continually reducing the size of the object, it narrows and shrinks to a single united point. That point is the limit in the physical world. Any point beyond, it exits from the material world and enters the dominion of the spiritual.

This point is the seventh dimension of physical objects. Seven in Hebrew is the letter zayin. Our sages teach us that seven is beyond the material,” she explained.

“Is that why Shabbat is on the seventh day, demonstrating its spiritual nature?” Sasha asked.

“Yes, that is the reason.”

“This world’s connection to holiness (the spiritual) is central. To go somewhere, you need inertia (motion). When you need to get somewhere, you are in motion. Upon arrival at your destination you stop and come to a rest. The center of every physical object is holy because the center is always at rest.”

“The universe is in constant motion. By far, the most observed phenomenon is the orbit. We observe bodies spinning around themselves, their suns, their constellations' center, and the known universe's center.

“Objects in the material world spin around their axis. The axis itself remains still, at rest, in relation to the rest of the material world. The laws of nature that operate on the rest of the universe don’t affect the center point. That is the point around which every movement takes place. Different laws control it. Shabbat is the center point of existence and governed by non-physical laws,” Gila finished. 

“Well said, Gila. What I take away from what you said is Shabbat is the portal between the physical and spiritual world. Yet nowhere does General Dori mention anything about Shabbat in conjunction with that concept,” Yoshua replied.

“General Dori passed the portal to Almiyah because God sent him via the prophet Crown Prince Elisha Arieli. It took a special act of the Holy One, blessed be He, to allow the General to arrive in Almiyah. Therefore, his work must have important consequences for the world,” Hadassah added.

“Hadassah, if I understand your logic, our work with the Chronicles is a holy endeavor?” Yoshua asked.

“Yes, professor. You have seen how much it has affected many people already. If I were the pope, I would declare war on our team,” Hadassah said, pointing to the scars on her face.




Physics and Multiverse  Does Hoshiya Exist?

Part 3

“Yoshua, are you familiar with Prof. Azaria Shammai, the physicist?” Simon inquired.

“Everyone knows of him. He won the Michael Faraday Prize in 2013. Prof. Shammai is head of the Department of Physics at the Technion. Professor Shammai made a big splash when he changed from being a leader of secularism to becoming a religious Jew,” Yoshua answered.

“He wrote an article that is pertinent to our discussion,” Simon stated.

“What is the article?”

“Modern Physics and Jewish Spirituality. I have it here on my laptop computer. I would like to read it to you.”

“Please, Simon, everyone is interested,” Gefen requested.

“Prof. Shammai wrote that modern physics and Jewish spirituality share the idea of transforming matter into energy and energy into matter. These challenging parallels give us a comprehensive portrait of ourselves as Jews participating in the greater universe.”

“Okay, sounds intriguing; please continue,” Yoshua responded.

“Western man's secularization of the world paralleled the scientific revolution during the past three hundred years. It has produced a philosophical dichotomy between man's religious/spiritual beliefs and his intellectual/scientific viewpoint. During the last hundred years, histrionic discoveries in the physical sciences have changed how people view the world. These discoveries significantly impact Western man's basic view of life.”

“Let’s explore the philosophical consequences of these discoveries. What is revealed is a scientific perception of the universe which converges with the traditional spiritual lookout central to religious thought,” Simon read.

“Yes, I want to hear what an eminent physicist has to say on the subject,” Sasha injected.

“A fundamental principle of modern physics is the complete unity of the universe. Matter and energy are diverse expressions of the similar underlying physical reality. Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity predicted that matter can be altered into energy and vice versa (E=mc2). Matter being converted into energy is the concept behind the atomic bomb.”

“In Jewish thought, matter and energy are expressions of God’s will. God can interchange and transform matter and energy.”

The theory of Quantum Electrodynamics demonstrates this concept. Quantum Electrodynamics portrays the underlying ground of reality, i.e., of the very nature of space itself. This idea is profoundly different from the static conception of the classical theory of physics. This theory sees the universe as continuously involved in transformations. These transformations of matter and energy are spontaneously created and destroyed,” Simon read from the article.

“Does he have more specific information?” Yoshua inquired.

“Yes, he writes matter is in the form of particle-antiparticle pairs. They instantaneously come into being and disappear. We can observe this fundamental dialectic indirectly. The manifestations of this theory become apparent in vacuum polarization. Vacuum polarization is extremely high-frequency oscillations in the expected value of the velocity. It is also observed via the Lamb Shift. From an experimental viewpoint, the Lamb Shift is an occurrence which makes Quantum Electrodynamics one of the most precisely verified theories in physics.”

“Is everyone following what I am reading?” Simon inquired.

“Not really, Aviva replied.

“Honey, I will explain it in more detail later,” Simon replied to his wife.

“Quantum Electrodynamics parallels the Torah viewpoint. In the Jewish world of spirituality, the ultimate interaction of the physical universe is described as a continuous process of Ratzo and Shov. The Ratzo signifies the spiritual union of the finite with Hakodosh Baruchu. This is explained as losing identity and a sense of self and, ultimately, the voiding of the physical. This goes together with a spontaneous dive into the Infinite Transcendent Source of the universe. Shov implies the return to physical reality. The return into the material universe as a discerned entity brought into existence by Divine Will.”

“The Torah viewpoint provides a far deeper insight into the dynamics of the process, i.e., divine purpose as opposed to spontaneous inexplicable fluctuations. Quantum Electrodynamics and Ratzo and Shov are remarkably close in their explanations of existence.”

“The definitive unity of everything as expressions of Divine Will is the central idea of Jewish spirituality. The spiritual potential for the immeasurable, the abstract, and the nebulous comes from the Divine Will. Like the spiritual, its physical analog, energy, emanates from God, as does the potential for the finite, i.e., the material. Thus, the physical and spiritual, matter and energy, manifest the Divine Will. This underlies reality and hence can be freely interchanged and transformed. We have an almost exact parallel to the matter-energy duality of Special Relativity.”

Duality encompassed classical physics. It made a distinct separation between the observing subject and the observed object. In classical mechanics, man was the observer. The observed, and the observer were viewed as separate. The observer’s interactions with this object are incidental to the observing process. Man's internal, subjective life is dissimilar from the external, i.e., his objective reality of the surrounding universe. This directly opposes the Quantum Mechanical view.”

In this theory, this type of duality no longer exists. The observer (subject) and observed (object) can only be described as parts of an entire system. The process of observation itself alters the state of the thing to be observed. Spiritual life and the external universe, man and his environment, constitute one unbreakable entity. Any duality misrepresents the genuine situation. It makes the resulting scheme pointless.”

Jewish Spiritual Philosophy has a similar view of reality. The microcosm-macrocosm apposition expresses this. The universe, the macrocosm, is regarded as a mirror image and manifestation of man. At the same time, man reflects and demonstrates the structure of the universe. The concept of a give-and-take relationship is defined as every aspect of the universe being a revelation of Divine creative energies. Therefore, Judaism believes that at every level of the creation of the universe, this process is expressed as a pattern of the same primal Divine creative energies. This is true at the level of the individual, human society, and of the universe.”

Simon paused to wait for questions.

An additional concept of Jewish spirituality weakens the artificial subject-object distinctions. This concept represents man as one who adopts his environment. Man cannot remain a separate, objective observer. He internalizes his external experiences and incorporates them into his being.”

Judaism believes man's actions affect the physical and spiritual nature of the world around him.

When exposed to the potential for evil in the world, man does not remain untouched. Therefore, Rabbi Akiva said that jesting and frivolity lead a man toward promiscuity. Tradition is a fence around the Torah. Tithes are a fence to wealth. Vows a fence to abstinence. Silence is a fence to wisdom,” (Perkie Avot 3:13).

Hadassah stood with the damaged right side of her face towards the wall.

“Man by nature absorbs the environment in which he lives. Therefore, man absorbs part of the evil within himself in amoral surroundings. This makes his efforts to overcome his animal nature more difficult. The environment in which man lives deeply affects his insight and understanding of the world,” she added.

Simon continued the discourse.

“The manner in which man conducts himself in this world profoundly influences the physical and metaphysical nature of the world around him.”

“In marked contrast to most spiritual systems, Jewish spirituality action speaks louder than thought. The most exalted flights of metaphysical speculation and sublime states of ecstatic spiritual union can be valueless. Only if man’s purpose is coupled with a B'chein. B’chein is defined as a constructive, practical consequence to man's life and relationships in the present material world around him. This coupling with B’chein is for two reasons. First, to make man aware of his relationships with his fellow man. Second, he should be inspired to have a higher devotion to his Creator through his actions (mitzvot) in this world. Positive improvement of man’s behavior is of crucial importance. Judaism sees man (the internal subject) and his universe (the external object) must become a synthesized whole, also called being in harmony with the universe.”

“So you are saying we can unify Quantum Mechanics and Jewish philosophy?” Aviva asked.

“Yes,” Simon replied.

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