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Image shows the first twelved books of the Hoshiyan Chronicles

In the murky dim neuropath ways of my mind, a tiny beam of light illuminated a kernel of an idea. This beam’s intensity grew with time, nurtured by creativity and need. There was at the time a lack of good faith-based fiction. Like a seed, the idea grew, expanding and taking on a life of its own. The beam of light intensified. Out of it grew a unique concept. The idea expanded and from a simple short story it grew with new branches, leaves and fruit.

The fruit of this process was a unique concept: The use of fiction to relay philosophical, educational, governmental, and societal concepts. The books are written on three different levels. The first is the current story of a team of archaeologists studying the legends of the Light of Justice. The second are the stories of General Aharon Dori, the storyteller. Last, the history of the lives of the Hoshiyan people.

Professor Yoshua Rosenberg and his team follow clues which lead them to discover the Hoshiyan Chronicles. This begins a long-running argument between the members of the team. Are the Chronicles the history of an unknown nation or the first novel written in Europe?

Unknown to the professor, he is the key character in an ancient prophecy. 

One meaning of the word Hoshiya is refugee. I created a world where these Judean refugees from the Great Revolt against Rome, are freed from the constraints of the Roman and later Catholic world. This allows them to develop a purer society based on Ahavat Chinam (selfless love). They create an Oath of Peace between themselves. Their allegiance to this concept held for over three hundred years. Jealousy and hatred tore their society apart. A new light nurtured by generations of a unique family, produce two sons. The elder a prophet and the younger, the greatest king in history, the Light of Justice.

The Light of Justice lifts the survivors of treason and invasion to achieve spiritual heights unknown until his reign.

Faith-Based Thrillers, Clean-Language

An Experiment to Build a Society based on Selfless Love

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