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Oath of Peace

Book 3

Front Book Cover of Oath of Peace

Continue with the action-packed saga of the Hoshiyan Chronicles. In book three, Oath of Peace, the Spanish government returns all the artifacts to Yoshua's team and rights to continue their excavations. However the artifacts come with a Spanish chaperon, Dr. Miguel Sarmiento, archaeologist. His lust for treasure, fame and the beautiful Dr. Aviva Berger enraged the Israelis. 

After restoring a book they open it to a huge surprise.

The second book restored is the first volume of the Hoshiyan Chronicles. Follow the treacherous journey of the people of Choron as they escape massacre by the Roman 10th Legion. Read how they come to their new home and develop a new way of living together. The unique concept of the Oath of Peace binds them through brotherly love.

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