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Oath of Peace

Book 3

Front Book Cover of Oath of Peace

Spain returns the artifacts of the chapel, but, with a chaperon, Dr. Miguel Sarmiento. The Spaniard's lust for treasure and the beautiful Dr. Berger bring strife to the excavation. The first book, opened, is the Community Ledger. It provides a wealth of information from which they discover hidden treasures. The second book introduces Aharon Dori and the Hoshiyan Chronicles. Aharon details how they came to Hoshiya. The Hoshiyans create a new society based with their Oath of Peace. Terrorists strike again. They try to blow up the chapel with the team inside it. Everyone is wounded. How will Dr. Jamerson choose to save between the woman he loves (Aviva) and his duty to the prophecy (Yoshua)?

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