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Seeking the Light of Justice 

Book 1


Front Cover of Seeking the Light of Justice

Seeking the Light of Justice is the stunning debut of the Hoshiyan Chronicles. A suspenseful thriller mixed with powerful themes that that keep you turning pages. The Light of Justice is a thriller/adventure Sci-Fi/fantasy novel written without profanity or explicit sex. Israeli archaeologist, Professor Yoshua Rosenberg’s team are hot on the trail of the legendary king, the Light of Justice. Their first solid clues comes when they discover the cover page of the Hoshiyan Chronicles. Following the professor's internet posting, the Pope is notified by Vatican security. The pope ventures into an underground vault holding the most sensitive secrets .He finds an ancient directive ordering the destruction of all copies of the Hoshiyan Chronicles and anything connect to the writer, Aharon Dori. Thus starts the Vatican’s secret war on Yoshua and the Chronicles. Yoshua finds his next clue, a former synagogue converted to a now vacant chapel. He buys the abandoned building. Yoshua notices that the blueprints don’t match the inside of the structure. The blueprints indicate another room that was sealed off.

When the professor and his team breach the walls, they discover a monstrous horror: 46 tortured mummies, the remnant of a Jewish community tortured by the Inquisition and sealed behind a double brick wall. Thus, their place of worship became their tomb. Eight books were found with the bodies.

Yoshua realizes his discovery will cause the Spanish government humiliation on an international scale. Fueled by Papal encouragement, the Spanish government arrests the Israeli archeologists and confiscates all their finds. Illegally incarcerated, from where will their salvation come?

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Samuel David Steiner, 

I appreciate that the author was willing to take the time to explain many aspects of Judaism that most people will never hear about. I also enjoyed the author's ability to teach me facets of archaeology that I didn't know. I highly recommend this book.

Byron Tyler, 


This book is very Passionate and yet Though-provoking as well. Not only it's Creative, Spiritual, and Powerful but it's also Pensive/Thoughtful as well. Overall this book is Entertaining and Adventurous as well and it's a good read overall.


I love the story's premise and its connection to spirituality and adventure. Great writing and the characters are perfectly constructed. There is so much to learn from reading this book, science, spirituality, history, artifacts, etc. Totally a quick read, loaded with action, and lots of twists! I would highly recommend this book!

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