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Seeking the Light of Justice 

Book 1


Front Cover of Seeking the Light of Justice

"Embark on a gripping journey with 'Seeking the Light of Justice,' the inaugural installment of the enthralling Hoshiyan Chronicles. This suspense-laden thriller weaves a tapestry of compelling themes that will keep you relentlessly flipping pages. In a riveting fusion of genres—thriller, adventure, sci-fi, and fantasy—experience a narrative devoid of profanity and explicit content.

Meet Professor Yoshua Rosenberg, an Israeli archaeologist, and his team, as they venture into the heart of a legend—the enigmatic 'Light of Justice.' Their first breakthrough emerges when they stumble upon the elusive Hoshiyan Chronicles' cover page. As word of their discovery spreads via the professor's online post, it reaches the hallowed halls of the Vatican.

The Pope himself delves into a subterranean vault housing the Church's most guarded secrets. Here, he unearths an ancient mandate, one commanding the obliteration of every trace of the Hoshiyan Chronicles and its mysterious author, Aharon Dori. Thus begins the clandestine war waged by the Vatican against Yoshua and his precious Chronicles.

Yoshua's pursuit takes an unexpected turn when he acquires a former synagogue, now a forsaken chapel, revealing a hidden enigma—the blueprints conflicting with the chapel's interior layout. Their exploration of the sealed-off chamber unravels a horrifying truth: 46 tortured mummies, remnants of a tormented Jewish community ensnared by the Inquisition, entombed within their sacred place of worship. Alongside these somber figures, eight ancient books emerge.

Yoshua is now faced with a dilemma that could shame the Spanish government on an international scale. Fueled by papal influence, Spanish authorities apprehend the Israeli archaeologists and seize all their discoveries. Shackled in illegal incarceration, the question remains: From where will their salvation arise?"

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