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Forged in Fire
Book 9

Front Book cover of Forged in Fire

"Prepare for a seismic shift as Yoshua sends shockwaves through the global stage by boldly accusing the Vatican of Prof. Yaroni's murder, igniting a diplomatic tempest of international proportions.

The epic Hoshiyan Chronicles persist with the emergence of pivotal characters: Yermi Tzioni, Avigdor Yaroni, and Sarah Arieli. The narrative unfolds, tracing the remarkable journey of Danny and Yossie as they evolve into teenagers. Elisha, with his innate gift, unveils the hidden meanings and potent significance of Daniel's name, while simultaneously relinquishing his role in the Supreme Court to join the elite King's Guard.

Alberto undergoes a profound transformation driven by unwavering integrity. The chilling sacrifice of Muglar Tzurel's own son, executed in a bid to annihilate Elisha and his siblings, serves as a grim testament to the escalating stakes of their battle.

Tragedy strikes when Sarah, Danny's younger sister, meets a harrowing end, consumed by flames as Danny helplessly cradles her. Tormented by vivid nightmares of fiery death, Danny becomes the infamous 'Haunted Prince,' haunted by his nightly terrors.

In a shocking turn, Queen Chana abdacates her throne in favor of  her son, Prince Yona, ushering in a new era marked by moral ambiguity. Undeterred by their own ethical quagmires, the Pope orders a sinister new assault on Prof. Rosenberg and his steadfast team in Israel. As the tension escalates, the Hoshiyan Chronicles delve deeper into treacherous territory, where morality blurs and the stakes skyrocket."

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