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Forged in Fire
Book 9

Front Book cover of Forged in Fire

Yoshua shocks the world, blaming the Vatican for Prof. Yaroni’s murder. This sets of an internatinal diplomatic storm.

The chronicles continue with births of major characters, Yermi Tzioni, Avigdor Yaroni, and Sarah Arieli. The saga follows the evolution of Danny and Yossie into teenagers. Elisha exposes the hidden meanings and power of Daniel’s name. Elisha leaves the Supreme Court to join the King's Guard.

Alberto’s integrity forces him to change. Muglar Tzurel sacrifices his son’s life to kill Elisha and his siblings.

With his sibling burned to death in his arms Danny wakes up screaming every night from vivid nightmares.of fiery death. He becomes the known as Haunted Prince. Queen Chana abdicates in favor of Yona. Despite the immorality, the pope orders a new sinister assault on Prof. Rosenberg and his team.

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