The Hoshiyan Chronicles 

Book 1


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Seeking the Light of Justice is a well-written easy to read faith-based novel. The series is based on three principles: faith, righteousness and justice. Stories abound about the Light of Justice in various cultures around the world. During a routine dismantling of an antique book's binding, Israeli Archaeologist Professor Yoshua Rosenberg discovers the cover page of the Hoshiyan Chronicles. On the cover page is the name of the place where the work was written. This is the professor’s first solid clue in his quest for the legendary king, The Light of Justice. 
Following the professor's Internet posting, the Pope is notified of the find by Vatican security. He ventures into an underground vault and finds an ancient directive to destroy all copies of the Hoshiyan Chronicles.
While researching archives in Granada, the professor finds his next clue, a former synagogue converted to a now vacant chapel. Professor Rosenberg negotiates to buy it. While at the land registry office in Cordoba to transfer the deed of ownership, a suspicious briefcase catches the professor's eye. The professor saves many lives; the briefcase contained a bomb planted by the Basque Separatist movement.  The Spanish press declares Yoshua a hero. 

Upon transfer of ownership, a local priest provides the professor with an old set of blueprints for the chapel.  While examining them, the professor discovers that the outer dimensions exceed those of the interior, indicating an additional room that was sealed off. 

When the professor and his team breach the walls, they discover a monstrous horror: 46 tortured mummies, the remnant of a Jewish community tortured by the Inquisition and sealed behind a double brick wall. Thus, their place of worship became their tomb. Eight books were found with the bodies.

Thus starts the trials and tribulations of Yoshua's team opposite the Spanish government, Basque terrorists, and the Vatican. Join me in reading a fast-paced action-packed thriller.

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