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Amidst the turmoil, Alberto's warns the Hoshiyans, which thrusts him into immediate peril. The enigmatic Cabal targets the traitor, Alberto. When an assassination attempt proves fatal, Dr. Jamerson's efforts to save him end in heartbreak. Alberto, in his last moments, entrusts crucial Cabal secrets to a courageous guardswoman.
Crown Prince Elisha Arieli takes bold steps to expedite a prophecy about Danny. He vanishes into the heart of the resistance movement as he battles Muglar and his formidable allies from occupied Hoshiya.
The pivotal Battle of Orenim claims the life of King Yona. Danny is thrust into becoming king. With the unwavering support of Yossie, they labor tirelessly to restore order in the wake of a devastating war. The loss of General Ori Yavetz leaves the nation in mourning. In a brutal slave labor camp, Yermi trains Hadassah to unleash her latent spiritual powers.
Can an unlikely duo save Yoshua's team from assassination attempt? Enthroned in Sorrow, an unmissable tale of intrigue, courage, and unbreakable love.

Enthroned in Sorrow

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