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“In Forged in Fire, Yoshua’s explosive revelation accuses the Vatican of orchestrating the murder of Prof. Yaroni, sending shockwaves across the globe. As the Hoshiyan Chronicles unfold, new lives come into play, including Yerachmiel Tzioni, Prince Avigdor Yaroni, and Sarah Arieli. Follow the coming-of-age journey of Danny and Yossie, two central figures in this epic saga.


Elisha, with his profound insights, unveils the hidden significance and power behind Daniel's name, leading him to join the King's Guard. Along the way, he crosses paths with his future wife, Yael Pasnari. The NIA's Michal Ben Shimon enlists the ailing Alberto to help in thwarting impending Papal attacks.


Muglar Tzurel's chilling act of sacrifice in a bid to eliminate Elisha and his siblings results in tragedy, leaving little beautiful Sarah to meet a fiery end in Danny's arms. Her serene passing marks the beginning of Danny's haunting nightmares, earning him the ominous title of the ‘Haunted Prince.

As Queen Chana steps down in favor of Yona, a shocking drone assault ordered by the immoral Pope targets Prof. Rosenberg and his team at the Hebrew University, setting the stage for a gripping tale of betrayal, sacrifice, and redemption.

Forged in Fire Book 9

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