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“Enter a world where history, faith, and duty converge in ‘Forging of the Light of Justice’. When the Spanish grant the chapel special consulate status, the locals are awed by what they believe to be a miraculous event—a selective bombing that spared the sacred site.


As the narrative unfolds, we uncover the profound moral legacy of the Arieli family. Benyamin Arieli and David Rosenberg's mission takes an unexpected turn, leaving them stranded in Syria, cut off from their unit.


Dr. Arieli green lights a covert Hoshiyan rescue mission to save young princes, a daring endeavor that calls upon an unlikely combination of an attack helicopter and a squad of archers. Amidst this turmoil, Hoshiyan officers in the IDF wrestle with an unprecedented dilemma—a crisis of dual loyalty. Are they prepared to pay the steep price required to fulfill their duties?


In ‘Forging of the Light of Justice’, loyalties are tested, faith is challenged, and destinies hang in the balance, creating a mesmerizing narrative that will keep you enthralled from beginning to end.”


Forging the Light of Justice Book 4

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