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“Embark on a riveting journey of intrigue and destiny in 'The National Intelligence Agency (Farmer, Prince, Scholar).’ In the unfolding Hoshiya saga, a rogue papal agent's malevolent plot ignites a perilous chain of events, culminating in a high-stakes showdown with Yoshua. The relentless mob hungers for vengeance, plunging the story into uncharted territories of suspense.


Within the rich tapestry of Hoshiya, Raphael Arieli grapples with an ominous prophecy that shadows his son Elisha's birth—a prophecy promising greatness but at an unthinkable cost. Can Raphael and Nina alter their son's destiny through repentance?


Amidst the chaos, love blooms between Gila and Chelon. Meanwhile, in Hoshiya, Raphael Arieli's ascent to the throne takes an unexpected twist, leaving him an invalid. As regent, Elisha faces treacherous betrayals, forcing him to confront heart-wrenching decisions.


This extraordinary tale features an unconventional trio of spies—a farmer, prince, and scholar. As the mob lays siege to the consulate, death casts its long shadow over lives intertwined with fate. 'The National Intelligence Agency weaves a narrative of loss, love, and unwavering determination that will hold you captive until the final page.”


NIA Farmer, Scholar, Prince Book 6

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