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“Prepare for a gripping tale in ‘The Oath of Peace.’ Spain relinquishes the long-sought artifacts, but there’s a catch: the enigmatic Dr. Miguel Sarmiento, a Spaniard driven by both a thirst for treasure and an irresistible attraction to the captivating Dr. Berger. As the excavation unfolds, conflicts and desires simmer beneath the surface.

The discovery of the first book, the Community Ledger, opens a Pandora’s box of secrets, revealing hidden treasures and enigmatic truths. The second book unveils the saga of Aharon Dori and the Hoshiyan Chronicles, chronicling their journey to Hoshiya and the birth of a utopian society defined by the Oath of Peace.


Yet, amidst this revelation, terror strikes once more. As terrorists attempt to destroy the sacred chapel with the team trapped inside, chaos ensues, leaving everyone wounded. Dr. Jamerson faces a heart-wrenching choice: follow his duty to the prophecy or protect the woman he loves, Aviva.

Oath of Peace (Brit Sahlom) Book 3

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