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Prepare for a thrilling journey filled with intrigue and danger in ‘Saving the Light of Justice. After Yoshua, Aviva, and Sasha secure a royal pardon, their quest takes a treacherous turn. Armed with vital information, they confront the Spanish government to reclaim a sacred chapel and its precious artifacts.


But lurking in the shadows is Deputy Minister Ernesto Palmerio, the clandestine leader of Basque terrorists, plotting Yoshua’s demise. A harrowing ambush on the Spanish-Portuguese border is foiled by unlikely heroes—the bow-wielding Hoshiyans.


In a heart-pounding shootout, Yoshua captures Ernesto, setting the stage for intense negotiations. As the stakes rise, the chapel and its invaluable relics hang in the balance.


Returning to Spain, the team encounters unexpected surprises, including the vengeful murderer of Simon’s wife. With danger at every turn, ‘Saving the Light of Justice will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final, pulse-pounding revelation.”

Saving the Light of Justice Book 2

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