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“In ‘The Forging of a Spiritual Warrior,’ the echoes of Nido de Aguila's fallen souls ignite a global firestorm. Judge Dori, unwavering in his mission to safeguard World Jewry, thrusts the battle against anti-Semitism onto the world stage. Meanwhile, Yoshua's bold accusations drive the Vatican into the spotlight, revealing a clandestine war against him and the Chronicles.


This gripping tale delves deep into the transformative journey of the ‘Light of Justice,’ from infancy through a maze of profound ethical and spiritual teachings. The platonic bond between Daniel Arieli and Yosef Drori becomes a beacon of unity and unwavering brotherly love.


Elisha, the enigmatic prophet, manipulates those around him to fulfill his prophetic visions, but as danger lurks, an assassin's shadow looms. In the darkest of hours, Yoshua emerges as a formidable force, proving that he's more terrifying than any lurking monster in the night. Brace yourself for a riveting saga of faith, unity, and unyielding determination.”


Forging of a Spiritual Warrior Book 8

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