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“In ‘The Mysterious Birth of the Light of Justice,’ the Hoshiyan Chronicle ignites into a fiery crescendo. Dr. Arieli, wrongly accused of leading a Jewish terrorist group, stands at the center of an explosive political storm, even after the Syrian conflict's resolution. The Vatican, in a shocking alliance with Hamas and Iranian forces, fans the flames of chaos in Jerusalem.


Meanwhile, under the reign of Queen Chana, two intertwined love stories unfold, weaving together the Arieli and Dori families in unexpected ways. Queen Chana's grandson, the brilliant Elisha, emerges as a prophet, foretelling the extraordinary births of his brothers, Daniel and Yossie. Their miraculous arrivals hold the secret to unity and brotherly love in a divided world, birthing the enigmatic Light of Justice.


But as hope dawns, shadows of deception loom. The Vatican's ruthless smear campaign targets young Israeli women, attempting to tarnish their noble cause. With provocateurs sowing seeds of violence and death, the destiny of the Light of Justice hangs in the balance.”

The Mysterious Birth of the Light of Justice Book 7

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