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Prepare to be swept into the heart-pounding drama of ‘The Prophecy of the Light of Justice.’ In this gripping continuation of the Hoshiya saga, a rogue papal agent's nefarious scheme sets in motion a chain of events that thrusts Yoshua into a life-and-death battle, leaving the mob thirsting for vengeance.


Amidst the backdrop of Hoshiya, Raphael Arieli grapples with a haunting prophecy bestowed upon his son's birth, one that foretells greatness and heart-wrenching sacrifice. The question looms: Can Raphael and Nina save their beloved son, Elisha, from a fate foreseen in the shadows of destiny?


Romance blossoms as Gila and Chelon's relationship takes flight. Raphael Arieli ascends to the throne but faces a cruel twist of fate, rendering him an invalid. As regent, Elisha confronts treacherous plots by the Duke of Randar and his granddaughter, teetering on the precipice of a heart-wrenching decision.


As the mob encircles the consulate, death casts its long shadow over the lives of both the consulate and the Hoshiyan people. The Prophecy of the Light of Justice weaves a tale of loss, love, and unyielding resilience.


The Prophecy of the Light of Justice Book 5

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