This political thriller and adventure mixed in with Sci-Fi/fantasy series is about the continuing secret war between Prof. Yoshua Rosenberg’s team of archaeologists and the Vatican. This historical fantasy novel about the Hoshiya people continues centered on Raphael and Nina Ariel, the great grandparents of the Light of Justice. After the delivery of his son, Dr. Raphael Arieli has a vision of a descendant who will be an esteemed king who would rule with faith, righteousness, and justice. Raphael becomes the leader of the Musar (ethics) movement. This leads him to eventually be king.
A relationship begins between Gila and Chelon.
A rogue papal agent orders assassinations of the Israelis, helping the residents with agricultural technology. Yoshua kills the assassin, causing the Galician Clans to wreak revenge.
Crown Prince Elisha, while in medical school, defends his old flame against her law professor. He succeeds based on the Brit Shalom.
King Raphael is seriously injured in a freak accident resulting in his heir, Elisha, takes over as regent.
Death brings heartbreak when a prominent member of the consulate is killed while defending themselves from the Spanish mafia.
The Hoshiyan Chronicles is an excellent book for young adults interested in social justice.

The Prophecy of the Light of Justice Book 5

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