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“In ‘The Ultimate Treason,’ the stakes reach a harrowing climax as Iranian assassins target Pinchas, the weightlifter, leaving him in a coma, hanging by a thread. As the Chronicles unfold, Muglar’s sinister plans take shape, thrusting the nation into turmoil. The Shinarian invasion of Hoshiya prompts King Yona and the army’s departure from the capital, opening the door for Muglar’s Malogoth allies and rebel forces.


In a heart-wrenching turn of events, death squads ruthlessly eliminate Arieli family members and their associates, leaving Danny, Yossie, and Prince Avigdor as the defenders of their people. Their desperate mission to protect fleeing civilians and reunite with the king is fraught with constant death and danger.


As the nation faces annihilation due to arrogance, greed, and treachery, only faith, righteousness, and justice can offer a glimmer of hope. Can Daniel Arieli rise to the occasion and lead his people to salvation, or will their ultimate fate be sealed by the ultimate betrayal?”

Ultimate Treason

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