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In “Worthy of Love,” the timeless theme of worthiness binds the destinies of three men across eras. They are grappling with the same question: Are they deserving of the women they love?


In the past, Prince Daniel Arieli embarks on a spiritual quest to prove himself worthy in the eyes of his fiancée. In the present, Sasha Chrominsky yearns to earn the affection of the scar-faced guardswoman, Hadassah Aharoni, despite the societal chasm separating them as Almiyan and Hoshiyan. Meanwhile, Prof. Yoshua Rosenberg’s resistance to the truth of the Hoshiyan Chronicles hints at a deeper personal struggle.


Amidst this complex web of love and trials, the captivating Gila Chamadi, a guardswoman, falls in love with Pinchas Shamir, a wheelchair-bound weightlifter who grapples with his own insecurities about deserving her affection.


As these three men confront similar challenges and seek unconventional solutions, the relentless real world imposes unforeseen trials. Will they discover enduring happiness or face tests they never imagined? Dive into the ongoing saga of the thrilling Hoshiyan Chronicles, where love, sacrifice, and destiny transcend time and boundaries.

Worthy of Love book 13

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