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Brotherly Love

In Hoshiya's land, a tale was spun,

Of love that rivaled the rays of sun.

Danny, the boy-king, with wisdom rare,

Shared a creed of compassion beyond compare.

Two women struggled in the rain's embrace,

To kindle a fire in a dreary place.

Yet when success adorned the first's desire,

She passed the flame, a gift to inspire.

From hand to hand, the ember danced,

 In a symphony of kindness, it pranced.

No thought of self, no heed for gain,

Just hearts aflame with love's refrain.

The crowd, in wonder, beheld the scene,

As Danny, the Haunted Prince, between,

Spoke of a love,

vast as the sea,

That dwelled in each, both you and me.

He spoke of a city, once great and grand,

Yet lacked the love of this humble land.

 For here, in every act, a gem was found,

 A bond of love, forever unbound.

"Look around," the young king cried, "See the giants, not in stature but inside.

In sharing a simple mitzvah's light, We find the wealth that shines so bright."

Though wet and weary, hunger gnawing deep,

Their souls were rich, their spirits steeped.

 In unity, in faith, in love's sweet grace, A bond that time nor tide could erase.

In their darkest hour, they found their light,

Guided by love, through the darkest night.

So let us remember, when abundance calls, The riches of love breaks down walls.

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